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We have a diverse range of Wellgo bike pedals that are available to buy online, here at Rideworld. Wellgo is the world’s largest and most experienced pedal manufacturers and we work alongside them. Wellgo pedals provide a great look, good value and great performances when you’re cycling.

All of our Wellgo bike pedals are clipless and can be used for cycling off and on the road, for example, we have a fantastic range of Wellgo clipless road pedals. These pedals are excellent to ride with, they offer a lot of support and comfort, making your bike ride easier. One of our popular Wellgo clipless road pedals we have is the Wellgo MG-8 Magnesium Clipless Road Pedal, this pedal gives great suspension when you’re cycling on the road.

We also have Wellgo flat pedals, they offer a firm grip when cycling, they are mainly used for mountain biking and easier to pedal up big hills. Like our Wellgo LU987B flat pedal, this has super-smooth sealed bearings and removable reflectors. This flat pedal is ideal for people who enjoy mountain biking.

Here at Rideworld, we understand that you need all the equipment and tools to make sure that your ride is enjoyable. That is why we believe that our Wellgo bike pedals are ideal for you to have. If there are any requirements with you purchase, feel free to contact us via telephone or by email and one of our friendly team members will be more than happy to help. As Rideworld are your source for quality cycling clothing.

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