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We have a fantastic selection of Zipvit Sport bars & gels which consist of protein, energy and better performance. Our bars & gels made from Zipvit sport are the best nutrition bars after an intense bike ride. Made by one of the top leading sports performance brands – Zipvit, their recovery bars will provide you with the right nutrition to gain more power next time when you go cycling.

We have various flavours of Zipvit Sport bars & gels for you to choose from, this includes orange, blueberry and chocolate caramel flavours. You’re spoilt for choice with our quality selection of bars & gels from Zipvit Sport. At the moment, we don’t have a lot of bars & gels but we are going to be updating these products, so make sure to check for the latest Zipvit Sport bars & gels on our website.

At Rideworld, we acknowledge the importance of having the right components for your body to consume after a bike ride. Our Zipvit Sport gels & bars delivers exactly that, after taking a bite of the recovery bar or rubbing gel on the muscles you have worked on help refuel and repair your exercised muscles. So have a browse below and see which bar or gel you want.

We work with some of the top leading cycling manufacturers around the world to provide our customers the right cycling equipment and sports nutrition to ensure their safe and healthy.

Here at Rideworld, we understand the importance of having the right nutrition after an intense cycling workout. The bars & gels from Zipvit Sport have the right ingredients to repair your tired muscles. If there are any questions you have regarding the Zipvit Sport bars & gels, then feel free to email us at and one of our staff members will be more than happy to answer any of your questions. As Rideworld are one of the best online cycling retailers for cycling clothing.

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