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Zipvit Sport Zv0 Electrolyte Tablets 4.5g Tablet

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Here at Rideworld, we have these fantastic ZV0 electrolyte tablets that are available to buy in our online store. The ZV0 electrolyte tablets were developed to meet the demands of Cervelo test team riders. They wanted an effective electrolyte drink that would also increase fat burning and maintain the immune system during training.

The result is ZV0 electrolyte tablets are unique sports drink that increases fat burning during training and provides 1.6g of glutamine to fuel the immune system and replaces 7 electrolytes. Unlike most low calorie sports drinks, ZV0 electrolyte tablets use natural flavours and colours and does not contain chemical additives like sodium benzoate, polyethylene glycol and acesulfame K. Don’t miss out on these fantastic ZV0 electrolyte tablets as you won’t find these anywhere else.

ZV0 Electrolyte Tablets Contain:

  • A unique sports drink that increases fat burning
  • Maintains the immune system during training
  • 7 key electrolytes
  • 6g of immune boosting glutamine per serving

How to use ZV0 Electrolyte Tablets:

ZV0 is very versatile. To promote fat burning and fuel the immune system, drop 1 tablet into 500ml or 750ml of water. Adding 1 tablet to a conventional energy drink will increase its effectiveness for electrolyte replacement, hydration and fuel the immune system. Each pack contains 20 effervescent tablets and will make up to 15 litres of drink.

Zipvit Sport is online on the UK’s leading cycling brands and we work alongside them. We believe that these ZV0 electrolyte tablets are ideal for you to have after an intense cycle ride. If there are any queries regarding the ZV0 electrolyte tablets, feel free to email us and one of our highly skilled, supervisors will be more than happy to help you. Rideworld – your online store for the UK’s top ride cycling clothing company.


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